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Zerowaste-Hotel-Amenities, plastikfreie-Badartikel. Bambus Zahnbürsten, Umweltfreundliche Hotel Artikel
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badezimmer amenities
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Zerowaste - Plastikfreie Hotel Produkte.Rasierer, Zahnbürsten und Kämme. Kunststoffalternative sind hier Holz und Bambus
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Zerowaste-Hotel-Amenities, Badesalz, Duschgel, Shampoo, Bio-Produkte, Naturkosmetik by Urb´n Nature.
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Hotel & Spa Amenities by Zerowaste

Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.

We offer eco-friendly products for your business. Can be complied to individual preferences and provided with your logo. Our design team will be happy to advise you on the individual implementation of your packaging.

  • Sustainable Guest Amenities
  • Minibar Deposit jars with healthy snacks
  • Products made from renewable natural materials
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Zerowaste by Urb´n Nature bathroom amenities

The plastic-free range is perfect for every hotel and spa.

Environmentally friendly and responsible.

There is often a lot of plastic in the bathroom in particular, it is not necessary and it destroys our environment.

Plastic-free alternatives are wood and bamboo in particular.

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Sustainable Slipper

Zerowaste is made from natural materials and 100% plastic-free.

We offer various designs made from sustainable materials.

Our slippers are comfortable, non-slip, stable, washable, recyclable, individual and plastic-free.

Unfortunately, a lot of single-use slipper are used in hotels and spas, which creates a lot of waste.

Seams, glue, soles or even fabrics are in conventional mountain pines made of chemical materials such as plastic.

We want to avoid this and have thus developed wonderful alternatives to conventional mountain pines.

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Plastic-free range of bathroom amenities for hotel guests

The variety is great and 100% plastic-free.

  • Razors, toothbrushes and combs, made of wood and bamboo
  • Organic bath and shower gels from Urb'n Nature
  • Food starch shower caps
  • Slippers made of cotton, jute, linen, cork and coconut latex
  • Denttabs, dry toothpaste tabs
  • Kraft paper boxes
  • Wooden cotton swabs

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Sustainable packaging

  • Our packaging is robust and safe.
  • These are BPA-free and can be upgraded for alternative use, in a concept by #zerowaste.
  • Our packaging is made in Germany.
  • We use reusable, compostable and recyclable containers in all of our logistics processes.
  • Our cardboard boxes have been certified by the organization for sustainable forest management PEFC.

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