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Nachhaltigkeitdie wichtigen 3 Begriffe sindVerweigern, Reduzieren und Recyceln
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Plastik Verweigern. Tipps zur Alternative von Plastik
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Plastik reduzieren. Tipps zum reduzieren vión Kunststoff
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Recyclen. Tipps zum Recyclen
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The important 3 terms of Zerowaste are:

  • Refuse
  • Reduce
  • Recycle

For the sake of nature, we all have to be more conscious of our environment.

We only have one planet and we have to protect it.

We can all work together to ensure a beautiful and healthy future.

That is our goal.

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We ensure compliance with all relevant green principles:

Our raw materials come only from sources / farms that deal responsibly with the environment, people and the planet. This leads to a sustainable and fair procurement of certified organic raw materials.

We do not use microplastic beads or other plastic materials in our valuable formulas. Foils are required for our SPA treatments, we use a foil made of corn starch for this. The industry standard for films in spa treatments and kitchens are polyethylene, PE or PVC plastic films. Our films compost within 6 weeks and do not produce any non-recyclable waste or microplastics. The raw materials for our films come from the EU and are GMO-free certified.

For the F&B area in hotel or spa treatments, we offer compostable cling film (according to EN 13432). The cling film is food safe, without additional plasticizers and is manufactured according to the criteria of the HACCP regulation.

We use reusable, compostable and recyclable containers in all of our logistics processes. Our boxes have been certified by the organization for sustainable forest management PEFC.

We pack our products in packaging that is robust and safe. These are BPA-free and can be upgraded for alternative use, in a concept by #zerowaste.

Products and packaging are made in Germany.

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Advice on sustainability

Every company and every household has the option of consciously doing without plastic or reducing it.

Every company and every household has the option of consciously doing without plastic or reducing it. There are numerous alternatives to plastic, we use them and have been able to manufacture the best sustainable products.

Our advice on sustainability:

  • Consciously reject plastic
  • Use reusable materials, such as linen, jute or cotton bags, glass, wood, bamboo or metal.
  • Reduce the use of harmful, wasteful and non-recyclable products.

Reducing dependency on such products means that less waste ends up in landfills.

The associated negative environmental impacts no longer occur.

  • Recycle your products in the best possible way
  • Especially compost kitchen garbage whenever possible

Many of our products are compostable and easily degradable, something that is very important to us at Zerowaste.

Recycling is the most environmentally friendly disposal method.

If your business hasn't already done so, collect cardboard, mixed paper products, mixed materials (plastics, aluminum, glass) and organics. Use this again.

Most of the companies we speak to are surprised at the amount of waste they reduce by setting up an effective recycling program.

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Zerowaste advice

Zerowaste actively supports the plastic-free life.

We advise, support and accompany hotels and spas to become and be more environmentally conscious.

Everything under the motto Zerowaste, environmentally friendly living and working.

  • Advice on the best possible plastic-free alternatives for every department of the hotel & spa
  • Complete range of plastic-free hotel & spa articles
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There are so many great alternatives to plastic.

Natural, organic, biological, compostable, reusable and sustainable.

We offer this.

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Conscious environmentally friendly products, sustainable and plastic-free.

Environmentally friendly means NOT environmentally harmful.

With ZEROWASTE, protect resources and still enjoy a large, luxurious range of hotel, spa & guest items. Quality products, plastic-free, that is what ZEROWASTE offers.

Resources such as water and energy are conserved and water, soil and air pollution are reduced. Organic and natural products as alternatives to plastic items are environmentally friendly. Other environmentally friendly properties are the use of sustainably grown or bred ingredients that do not harm the ecosystem. Compostable products are ecological. Organic materials are grown without using toxic pesticides or herbicides.

Manufacture and reuse recycled products such as glass, wood, metal. Biological also means extracting waste products and processing them into something new. Biodegradable products are broken down through natural decomposition, which puts less strain on the entire ecosystem.

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Definition of sustainability, organic, green & fair

“Green” is a term that is used in connection with environmental awareness. It is a multifaceted term, but it is implied positively for the environment as well as for the people involved.

“Sustainability” is defined in many ways, the general rule being to ensure that we do not deplete natural resources. At the same time, a healthy economy must be maintained for future generations.

"Bio" means food from ecological, controlled cultivation. The term is defined by law in the EU. These products must not be grown with the use of chemical agents such as artificial fertilizers, and they must not be genetically modified.

“Fair Trade” means improving people's living and working conditions, the entire supply chain, and strengthening their economic position.

Fair prices for fair work.

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ZEROWASTE and URB’N NATURE have undertaken not to carry out any animal tests. It is not necessary to test a finished product on animals. URB’N NATURE does not harm any animal for product tests. We also do not work with an institution that tests products on animals.

We respect the principles of green chemistry for all materials we use.

Our declared goal is to be the most sustainable company for spa & hotel products.

Many initiatives have already been implemented to this end

Energy saving: We have been working on equipping the company with energy-saving technology, such as LED lighting, since 2017. We plan to install solar panels for another step in #zeroemissions in 2021. We obtain all of our electricity from environmentally friendly, climate-neutral energy providers, from whom we have been actively buying energy since 2001.

Own heat and energy generation: We installed a new groundwater heat pump in 2017. The old air heat pump (2008) has been replaced by a new, modern, more efficient type.

Cleaning: We use environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the company. In 2004 we switched to cleaning products made with essential organic oils and other natural raw materials. We have reduced the use of chlorine bleach and petrochemical-based products to zero. These more natural products have been shown to perform just as well, are less irritating to employees, and are not harmful to the environment.

Waste Management: We use used Boxes again to ship our products in them. In this way we were able to reduce our waste paper flow by 80%. When shipping goods, we have changed our existing PP-based tape to a paper-latex-based tape. We also send all documents and information electronically. #SafePaper. In 2019 we were able to reduce the total amount of plastic in our deliveries to 2%. These plastics are mainly mailing bags for the transport of goods. duct tape modified on paper-latex basis. We also send all documents and information electronically. #SafePaper. In 2019 we were able to reduce the total amount of plastic in our deliveries to 2%. These plastics are mainly mailing bags for the transport of goods

Server system: We use a climate-neutral server system in Germany.

Travel: For long-distance travel within, we use Deutsche Bahn trains for 100% climate-neutral travel. If we cannot avoid air travel, we use Lufthansa’s carbon offset.

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Zerowaste offers

We would be happy to advise your company on the best possible environmentally friendly implementation of your project.

The result will inspire your team and your guests.

We will be happy to send you offers, please contact us.