Hotel Amenities

Refillable Dispensers

Our sustainable hotel dispensers are filled with organic skin care from URB'N NATURE Cosmetics.

The skin care consists of 100% natural ingredients and is made in Germany.
The dispensers are easy to fill with liquids such as hand soap, shampoo, shower gel or lotion.

URB'N NATURE Cosmetics also offers large refill canisters.

Unique in the world.

After years of development, we have achieved our goal.

100% compostable sachets, hotel amenities, pouches and packaging have been developed.

Made in Germany

It perfectly protects the high-quality natural skin care products of Urb’n Nature.

The fine products and essential oils remain in the cosmetics without escaping through the packaging.

Perfect for the hotel industry.
Portioned shampoos, shower gels and lotions.

Organic, environmentally friendly and completely compostable.

Discover the environmentally friendly Guest Amenity collection from Zerowaste.

Plastic-free alternatives to hotel equipment.

High quality, the best natural materials and beautiful designs.

Sustainable but luxurious.

The hotel amenities are 100% compostable.

Unique in the whole world.

High quality packaging with the finest organic skin care products.

To love nature.

Plastic-free hotel amenities.

Worlds First - Compostable hotel amenities

Unique and incomparable. 100% compostable hotel amenities - plastic-free.

Our sachets can be freely designed in terms of shapes and colors. Individually suitable for your company.

We produce your designs individually with compostable materials.

The sachets are filled with the finest organic skin and hair care products. 100% natural cosmetics. Healthy for all ages and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The sachets are portioned hotel amenities intended for cleaning.

Due to the individual design, we enable tailor-made amenities for storage boxes.

URB’N NATURE Cosmetics

100% organic with the finest ingredients for healthy skin & hair.

URB’N NATURE is well known for its organic cosmetics, especially in 5 star hotels and spas.
Professional spa cosmetics that are also available for use at home.
Only the finest ingredients from around the world are used.
All body and hair care products are made in Germany. So you can be assured that only the best quality goes into the products.
No chemicals and no animal testing

URB`N NATURE cosmetic containers are recyclable, reusable and refillable.
The cosmetic is also available in compostable refill packs and sachets.
Alternatively, URB'N NATURE offers
Container return against deposit.

Product Lines:
Professional spa cosmetics - 100% organic
Anti-Aging products - Made in Germany
Vegan skin and hair care
KIDZ collection

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