Disposable underwear

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Disposable underwear - Spa underwear

100% plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable

Modal underwear:

Vegans can safely choose our disposable underwear made of modal fibers, as it is made of cellulose (plant fibers). The cellulose is obtained from beech wood, it is sustainable wood. The production is therefore ecologically justifiable and environmentally friendly. For processing, the wood is first debarked, then chopped into chips and the cellulose is removed from the wood.

What are the advantages of modal over other materials?

Compared to natural fibers such as cotton, modal is considered more sustainable because less water and energy are required in production and processing. Compared to cotton, modal has a higher elasticity. The fabric is more dimensionally stable, more durable and less sensitive to heat. The moisture absorption of modal fibers is around 50 percent higher than that of cotton.

What are the benefits of modal?

People with sensitive skin appreciate the fabric because it is comfortable to wear. The garments made from it are pleasantly soft, crease-free and have a cooling effect on the skin. Modal fabrics are soft, supple and flow wonderfully. The soft fibers are also very suitable for allergy sufferers. Due to its good moisture absorption, robustness and breathability, the fabric is particularly suitable for use near the body, for example as underwear.

grauer Balken

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