Room Amenities

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Plastic-free guest amenities

Zerowaste offers a large sustainable range of guest articles.

Equip your hotel rooms with natural products.

For the environment.

Your guests and employees will appreciate it.

  • RFID key cards made of wood and bamboo
  • Wooden shoe horn
  • Do not disturb signs made of wood
  • Environmentally friendly sewing kit
  • Multipurpose jute bags (Shoe, Laundry, Hairdryer Bags)
  • Stylish bags made of linen, cotton & jute
  • Washable slippers, non-slip slippers
  • Plastic-free guest amenities
  • Biopolymer shoe shine glove
grauer Balken

Hotel & Spa Amenities

Environmentally friendly products from Zerowaste.

Reusable and biodegradable products for hotel rooms.

The diverse range of Zerowaste offers alternatives to plastic.

Excellent quality of our products is guaranteed.


We would be happy to advise you and make you an offer.

The result will inspire your team and your guests.

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